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Soul Ministry is a marketing company that represents a united body of members with a vision to share the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the world. We believe the common mission of reaching souls of mankind through spiritual information-sharing and social media promotions. We promote in a innovative outreach information regarding new gospel artist, religious organizations, exposure for new talent, testimonials, prayers, conference schedules, concerts, revivals, recreational events etc. Soul Ministry postings has reached over 2.3 million believers in over 28 countries via social media through postings/promotions and promoted several major concerts. Our site translates to over 50 languages. It is written "So we being many are one body in Christ and everyone members of another".


Romans 12:5


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Gospel Artist & Sermons
Soulministry Informercial

Next in Line


The Power of God


Encourage yourself

Anointed Praise

Marcel Boungou

Men of Virtuee


Ron C & Toto Brown

Rwandan Gospel Artist

God of a Second Chance


Gospel Concert

BBC Dance Ministry

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Member Services

  • Directory Listings
  • View and locate over 50,000 church listings
  • List your church for free
  • View profiles on pastors and ministers
  • Free listing includes, location, web link and driving directions
  • Event Listing
  • Concerts & Religious events
  • Gospel Artist Videos
  • Testimony Forum
  • Post and view others encouraging testimonies
  • Prayer Center
  • Share over 120 prewritten prayers
  • 12 different categories

Directory Contents

  • Christian Authors
  • Church listings over 65,000
  • Christian Bookstores
  • Clergy Listings
  • College/Universities
  • Daycare providers over 4,700
  • Funeral homes/Cemeteries over 39,000
  • Personal Biography
  • Youth Ministries
  • View services on Sign-Up Array of Services for Clergy

Gospel Groups - Directory of Gospel Groups and Choirs

  • Listen to music on the homepage and services/directory page
  • Contact information for these artist to build your programs
  • Site translates into over 50 languages
  • Artist Be seen Be heard on Soulministry
  • Let us promote your talents
  • Promote your choir or gospel group

Prayer Center 24 hour prayer access 120 Prayers

  • Select and share send pre-written prayers from our listing
  • Faith
  • Marriage
  • Healing
  • Sorrow
  • Miracles

Testimony Forum - View and Share Testimonies

  • View great testimonies to increase your faith
  • View some of these encouraging post in our forum
  • God Stills Works Miracles
  • Cancer Survivors Testimony
  • Prayer of Deliverance
  • Urgent read if you feel like giving up

Soulministry Marketing Services

  • Packages available to promote your church to a targeted audience
  • Packages available to promote new artist
  • Packages available to clergy
  • Packages to promote events
  • Packages to organize local, regional and national events
  • Mail in options available
  • See packages on sign up tab

Bible Trivia

  • Find a bed 13.5 ft long and 6 ft wide--Deut 3:11
  • Find a army with 700 left handed men--Judges 20:16
  • Find a man with 12 fingers and 12 toes--2 Sam 21:20
  • Find the longest name in the bible--Psalm 56 18 letters
  • This word only appears once in the bible--Psalm 111:9 , Reverend
  • Answers for Bible Trivia

Christian Links

  • Clergy Information
  • Information on denominations
  • Bible Search
  • Christian books
  • Music

Time of Comfort Services

  • Locate over 39,000 funeral homes and cemeteries in the US
  • Search in directory by name cemeteries
  • Pet cemetery listings included


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