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#19 12 Jul 2011 02:12
Hello everyone. So a cool feature that we have at Soul Ministry is the ability to email a prayer directly from our website. When you are looking at the list of prayers there are two ways to email a prayer. You can either click on the "share" button and go through the list until you find the email icon and click on that. Or the more simple way is right below the share button there are three small icons. Click on the icon that looks like a piece of mail. The way your email is sent out is through your default email application. So if you are currently logged in to gmail, yahoo, hotmail or such a window will pop up with the email aleady set up for you to send. All you have to do is type in the email address that you want to send it to. If you have an email application like outlook, windows live mail or something and are signed in then when you click the email icon it will attempt to open the application you have with the prayer ready to send. You could possibly be asked for mail settings. If that is the case then you must contact your internet service provider and ask for your current mail settings. Once you have your mail settings and enter them in then you should be able to send the prayer out in an email. If you have any problems or questions please email us anytime at .

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