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How to add a new directory listing

#15 10 Mar 2011 19:47
Unlike the event calendar where a paid sponsor can add their own event to the calendar, the directory you will not have the same privilege. This is because there is more information involved including photos, mp3 files and documents that need to be uploaded to the server and each listing with files need to be carefully scanned and made sure it is kept the correct size and does not exceed our set maximum size. Our staff will be entering in all of this data for you. When you register on the website and are paid in full you will receive and email asking if you would like to add a listing to the directory. If you would like to add a listing respond back to the email with the answers to the questions that we provide for you. You will also be allowed to attach files to the email that you would like to have on your listing such as photos, music, or a document such as a resume. There are certain restrictions to how many files you can have uploaded to each listing. Once that limit has been met you will not be allowed to upload anymore files.

Limitations are as follows: You will be allowed one audio file to upload no longer than 3-5 minutes. This music file MUST be in .mp3 format or it will not be added to the listing. There are free programs out on the web that you can download that will convert certain audio files to .mp3 if it is not already in that format. You will also be allowed to have one document uploaded. The file size for that document can not exceed 36kb or it will not be added to the listing. You can upload up to 5 photos. Each photo can not exceed 500x500 in size. Limitations are subject to change so for any changes please refer back to the forum for updates.

Once all data and files are added to your new listing and it is approved you will be notified when it is added to the website.
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